Our Purpose

Our Vision
“Gaining in knowledge through contributing knowledge”

Our Mission
We recognize that our members are the focal point of all that the Susquehanna Litho Club does, and they are the source of the Club’s success.

To create awareness of our industry throughout the Five County area covered by the Susquehanna Litho Club.

To maintain a culture within the Susquehanna Litho Club that promotes continuing education through monthly program events and supports secondary education through scholarship opportunities.

Club History

Susquehanna Litho Club History
Jim Walsh, the founder of the Susquehanna Litho Club, became the manager of Seller Printing Company in 1957 after its purchase by Autocraft Box Company. Jim’s only prior printing experience was in flexography at Topflight Tape Company. The staff at Seller was helpful in explaining the lithographic process to him; however, Jim wanted to learn more.

He tried to visit other plants but was always refused, until a salesman from Atlantic Paper Company arranged for him to spend a week in Philadelphia at the DuPont plant and at another company. During that week, he met with the officers of the Philadelphia Litho Club and gathered ideas for starting a similar club in the Susquehanna Valley. With their help, he devised a plan to contact all of the printers in Lancaster and the surrounding areas. Several other suppliers volunteered not only to help prepare the list but also to personally support the program. An initial meeting was held in Lancaster, with several more following, and the Susquehanna Litho Club was formed in 1959 with James Walsh as the first president.

The Susquehanna Litho Club has a long tradition of reaching out to the community. In the late 1970s, we initiated a scholarship through our industry’s independent National Scholarship Trust Fund. The fund was established through a $2,000 anonymous endowment and $3/club member rollover from the club’s working capital and grew until 1985 when the club awarded the first $500 grant to Mark Snyder, son of Albert Snyder (club president 1989-90). By the second year, we increased the number of awards to two scholarships. We also began a graphics competition for local school students in the 1980s. Acknowledging economic realities, we increased the individual scholarship amounts to $1,000 in the 1990s.

In 1997, the Susquehanna Litho Club established the Susquehanna Litho Foundation as a vehicle for donations and administration of scholarships. In 2001, the Susquehanna Litho Foundation kicked off a $175,000 capital campaign to ensure future scholarships and make funds available for grants to train employees in the industry.

Today the foundation, nearing completion of its $175,000 campaign goal, awards six printing-related scholarships. The club also provides education and fellowship for its members through meetings, golf outings, professional development, student nights, and a membership social. The club has over 100 members as of 2013.

Board of Directors

Mike DeAcosta
820 Spartan Lane
Hershey, PA 17033

Dan McCauley 
Vice President
Lancaster County Career & Technology Center
Snyder & Meltzler Roads
P.O. 519
Brownstown, PA 17508
(717)859-5100 ext. 5125

Brian Keck
The Standard Group
500 East Oregon Road
Lititz, PA 17543
Cell: (717)645-6273

Donna Painter, M.Ed. 
Recording Secretary
Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology
Millersville University
P.O. Box 1002
Millersville, PA 17551-0302

Michael Brady 
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
Graphic Communications and Printing Technology
750 East King Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

Randy Hess
Lancaster County Career & Technology Center
Snyder & Meltzler Roads
P.O. 519
Brownstown, PA 17508


Dan McCauley, Chair
Brian Keck+

5 Past Presidents:
Brian Keck+
Tim Leaman+
Jay Depner+*
Dan McCauley+
Mike DeAcosts+*

Brian Keck+, Chair
Dan McCauley+
Mike Brady

Program (2015-16)
Brian Keck+, Chair
Randy Hess

Public Relations
Brian Keck+, Chair

Outstanding Member
Dan McCauley, Chair
Donna Painter
Mike Brady
Gilbert Goodworth*
Jeff Harnish*

Golf Outing
Brian Keck, Chair
Eric Walter*
Brett Noll*

Brian Keck+

Brian Keck+, Chair
Randy Hess
Donna Painter
Dan McCauley

Brian Keck, Chair
Donna Painter+

Appreciation Gathering
Brian Keck+, Chair
Randy Hess

Dan McCauley, Chair
Brian Keck+
Caroline Cartwright Spayde*+
Mike DeAcosta+
Will McGrorty+*

Constitution & By-Laws
Brian Keck+, Chair
Randy Hess

Tom Bell*
Keith Lauderbach+*

Brian Keck+, Chair
Donna Painter
Mike Brady

Education/Student Night
Donna Painter, Chair
Dan McCauley+
Mike Brady
Mike DeAcosta

Dan McCauley, Chair
Brian Keck+
Mike Brady
Mike DeAcosta
Donna Painter

Brian Keck+, Chair
Donna Painter

*denotes Non-Board Member               +denotes Past President

Past Presidents

Mike DeAcosta – 2012-13
Dan McCauley – 2010-12
Tim Leaman – 2008-10
Jay Depner – 2006-08
Brian Keck – 2004-06
Frank Saich – 2002-04
Keith Templin – 2000-02
Dennis Dougherty – 1999-00
Keith Lauderbach – 1998-99
Caroline Spayde – 1997-98
Michael Heim – 1996-97
Tod Herr – 1995-96

William McGrorty – 1994-95
Jeff Witmer – 1993-94
Barry Lipschutz – 1992-93
Jim Snyder – 1991-92
Grant W. Kent, Jr. – 1990-91
Albert H. Snyder – 1989-90
Doug Wile – 1988-89
Robert W. Wamsher – 1988-88
George Stadler – 1986-87
Lillian A. Rovka – 1985-86
Phares G. Harting – 1984-85
Kenneth E. Gringrich – 1983-84

James Hammons – 1982-83
Ray Burger – 1981-82
Patrick J. Cunningham – 1980-81
Boyer L. Veitch – 1979-80
Stanley F. Badkowski* – 1978-79
Morris Lamanoff – 1977-78
A. Dale Rohrer – 1976-77
Gary M. Beaver – 1975-76
David E. Hilbert – 1974-75
Henry Givler* – 1973-74
Jonathon E. Dundore* – 1972-73
Fayne Aurand – 1971-72

Harold Garrett – 1970-71
William G. Killhour – 1969-70
George Nauman* – 1968-69
Robert Shenk – 1967-68
John T. Hyduke* – 1966-67
Robert Ganter* – 1965-66
John C. Jackson – 1964-65
Warren (Pete) Foley – 1963-64
Albrt L. Armstron – 1962-63
L. Fred Husson – 1961-62
Benjamin Clerico – 1960-61
James W. Walsh – 1959-60

Outstanding Club Members

2017 Eric Walter
2016 Donna Painter
2015 Michael Brady
2014 Dan McCauley
2013 Jeff Harnish
2012 Gilbert Goodworth
2011 Judy Summers
2010 Brett Noll
2009 Mike DeAcosta
2008 Brian Keck

2007 Mike Stief
2006 Ernie James
2005 Don LaVigne
2004 Tom Van Marter
2003 Keith Templin
2002 Dennis Dougherty
2001 Steve Husson
2000 Keith Lauderbach
1999 Caroline Cartwright-Spayde
1998 Mike Heim

1997 William McGrorty
1996 Don LaVigne
1995 Jeffrey L. Witmer
1994 Grant W. Kent, Jr.
1993 Mike Borne
1992 Robert W. Wamsher
1991 Albert H. Snyder
1990 Doug Wile
1989 Ruthann Wiand-Simens
1988 George J. Stadler

1987 James Glatfelter
1986 J. Robert Reilly, Jr.
1985 Kenneth E. Gingrich
1984 William Splain
1983 Lillian A.Rovka
1982 Phares G. Harting
1981 MorrisLamanoff
1980 Stanley F. Dabkowski*
1979 Donald Roseman, Jr.
1978 Frank Morrow*
1977 James Hammons
1976 Frank Yeager*

1975 Henry Givler*
1974 Fayne Aurand
1973 Jim Haney
1972 Robert Shenk
1971 George Nauman*
1970 Clyde Ebersole
1969 Myron Bird
1968 John C. Jackson
1967 Robert Ganter*
1966 Warren (Pete) Foley
1965 William G.Kilhour
1964 P.H. Douglas*